Little Busters! ~Refrain~ – 02

ep2Would you like some Kurugaya with that?

This marks our second release for Little Busters!: Refrain. Quite an interesting episode to say the least.

Vladz0r: Kurugaya best girl!
shcboomer: Rin was not pleased.
Naoki-Saten: Math. Scaring the crap out of kids since forever.

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Some TL notes and explanations in the full post.

Just in case you wanted to know the joke referring to (21) looking like the word loli is like this.

ロリ = (21)

Since the JP text looks very similar to 21 in brackets. I won’t lie, this was something that took a while for us to decide how to translate since the joke loses it’s meaning pretty easily.

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17 Responses to Little Busters! ~Refrain~ – 02

  1. vincegochan says:

    Great release as usual :). Thank you!

  2. Loli Loli Hunters says:


  3. Egnaro says:


  4. shirayuki75 says:

    Thank you so much for picking up the show! I’m so glad to have a good alternative to the other subs.

  5. hackrabbits says:


  6. YellowFlash says:

    Awesome, its sad that UTW dropped it but this is more than enough to make up for it 😀 plus i think i see a UTW member in it 😛 hope everything goes well!

  7. KratosOrtega says:

    Easily the best sub this season, you guys know the jokes compared to FFF sub group, though the encoding could need an improvement. Sorry if I sound like a douche. You guys are awesome and keep up the good work!

  8. SNTT says:

    Great job guys, definitely the best LBR fansub out there.

    Two minor mistakes though:
    3:54 – “is now surrounded by friends” should be “am now surrounded by friends”.
    7:34 – “So thats it” should be “So that’s it”

  9. Naoki-Saten says:

    gaaaan! To think that these mistakes made it past two editors >_<

    Thank you, everyone, for all your contributions. We constantly strive to improve our release quality.

  10. Rpyleoh says:

    Hello there! Great job with Little Busters! ~Refrain~! To add onto SNTT’s post earlier,
    12:55.83 – “But how are going to launch that big one?” should be “But how are we going to launch that big one?”.
    Also, I would like to make a request, if possible. Could I possibly get you guys to share your karaoke script for the OP and ED with me? Seeing as how I’m doing the BDs for the first season, I’ll also be doing the second season when they release; I think I would like to use your subs for that when I do, including karaoke. I’m logged in while posting this, so you should be able to see my email if you would be so kind to give me the script. Thanks in advance – and also thanks for doing this.

  11. Egnaro says:

    17:16 Maybe ‘It’s amazing.’ without the !

  12. Shani-san says:

    Thanks for the release! 🙂

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