Little Busters! ~Refrain~ – 06

Ep 6

So it finally begins, Refrain arc next week. We can’t wait. Hoping you all enjoy the releases so far. This week we used quite a few VN terms, since this episode was loaded with important scenes. We will also start releasing a 480p version this week as well, we will be posting up the old 480p releases as well. Stay tuned!

shcboomer: Rin x Riki bath scene. So many <3’s! (Shout out to ryouuuuu for catching a few things for us)
Vladz0r: What happened to Kyousuke?
Naoki-Saten: He created the Little Busters with that pose. And with the same pose, he destroyed them
CXu: (T T)

720p (10-bit)ย Torrent Download: Torrent
720p (10-bit) Mega Download: Mega
720p (10-bit) Direct Download: Direct

480p Torrent Download: Torrent
480p Mega Download: Mega
480p Direct Download: Direct

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16 Responses to Little Busters! ~Refrain~ – 06

  1. SNTT says:

    All hail the superior CHEAP MOTHERF*CKING TRICKSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS master race!

    Dirty “farce” peasants.

  2. Egnaro says:


  3. Aspirety says:

    Thank you based Refrainsubs.

  4. olhybrius says:

    Thanks for the subs, great work as usual ! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  5. Xikarra says:

    Shit got dead serious. Kengo FTW

  6. Linkman19 says:

    Got to admit pulling a bit of a dick move with the “Wait 6 months til we come back for more” Better be worth the wait with where they’re at right now… But hey I still have stuff to watch and I can just replay the game while waiting for it to come out. Thansk a lot Refrain Subs for translating this ace series ^w^


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