Little Busters! ~Refrain~ – 08

Ep 8
“I’m the strongest!”

Looks like that’s all for the Masato route, next up is Kengo. We’re a bit short on staff again this week so the release took a bit longer than expected. The better raw was released a lot later today and that set us back a few hours. We decided to re-encode the better raw instead of using a v0 with a lower quality raw. Regardless, we plan to do a double release this weekend. The OVA raw was obtained last week from a BD rip and we are currently putting the final touches on it right now. (There is a lot of typesetting to be done.) If all goes well, we should have the OVA ready by tomorrow.

shcboomer: Rin can make so many cute faces.
CXu: kinniku kakumei.
Naoki-Saten: Key. Successfully giving you feels with muscles.
Vladz0r: Shouta Kyousuke is a miracle of the universe.

720p (10-bit) Torrent Download: Torrent
720p (10-bit) Mega Download: Mega
720p (10-bit) Direct Download: Direct

480p Torrent Download: Torrent
480p Mega Download: Mega
480p Direct Download: Direct

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13 Responses to Little Busters! ~Refrain~ – 08

  1. JD_ says:

    Thank you so much!

    btw what OVA are you talking about? o_o

  2. Naoki-Saten says:

    It’s the OVA of the first season of LB about Mask the Saito.!:_Sekai_no_Saitou_wa_Ore_ga_Mamoru!
    Look forward to our release ^^

  3. olhybrius says:

    Awesome job as always ! Eager to see the OVA ! ;D

  4. julyan04 says:

    Still no Saito? 😦

  5. Egnaro says:

    That jacket is so overpowered. For once Riki is relieved that Masato is an idiot 😀

  6. Narcolepsy gives me wings says:

    Nice, Ive been looking everywhere for the ova and I see you guys will be doing it. Looking forward to it, and nice work with the rest of refrain, I really enjoyed your blog :D.

  7. Yuuhi2loli4u says:

    480p MEGA is linked to Torrent(?)

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