Little Busters! ~Refrain~ – 10

Ep 10
“Everything has ended. And now everything will begin.”

Looks like we’re finally getting close to the finale. This week features Kyousuke, who reveals to us why he did what he chose to do. Anyway, we’re still working on the OVA, a few delays due to real life issues that our staff has to deal with. We hope you enjoyed this episode release, and see you all next week.

shcboomer: Rin <3.
TheBlackTac: So glad to see Komarimax again ~ ❀

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9 Responses to Little Busters! ~Refrain~ – 10

  1. julyan04 says:

    Thanks. I didn’t expect it to be out this early.

  2. Narcolepsy gives me wings says:

    Thanks, a good episode. Some things were explained, but they left more Wtf’s in it’s place.

  3. olhybrius says:

    Thank a lot ! πŸ˜€

  4. Tommy says:

    Hey good job, I was thinking the whole time regarding Yuiko’s story. I never played the game so I’m not sure if her story was covered in full if any at all because it just seems she’s there as another potential love interest for Riki nothing else. Yet Kyosuke mentioned all the people he gathered had past regrets. Was her regret not confessing to Riki? Because if it is and after seeing every other girls story, it seems so lame because I liked her along with Haruka at the top.

    • Naoki-Saten says:

      Remember how people said that Yuiko was emotionless, like a robot?
      Yuiko’s regret was not having experienced real emotions, most of all love. It wasn’t a problem of confessing or not. She didn’t have a crush prior to the incident.

  5. MaiL says:

    something wrong with your direct link ?

  6. Narcolepsy gives me wings says:

    I heard a certain song on the radio today… I understand where that CRAAAAAWLING IN MY SKIN came from now :D.

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