Little Busters! ~Refrain~ – 11

Ep 11“Goodbye, Kyousuke. Goodbye, Little Busters.”

Sorry about the late release guys, this episode took us a little longer than usual. I might have been crying while working on this release… Either way, we hope to have the OVA ready for next week (fingers crossed.) We hope you enjoy this release, and we’ll see you next week. Excuse me, while I go back to my corner and cry a bit more.

shcboomer: Maybe some cute Rin can stop me from crying… Nope, let’s try some more cute Rin.
*WARNING* Heavy Spoiler Images Below! Watch the Episode First!
CXu: He knew the cruel truth, yet he kept playing the fool to protect their smiles until the very end. Thank you, our precious lovable idiot.
Naoki-Saten: A proud warrior brought down to his knees twice in a day by sheer emotion. His wish was a childish one, yet he has no regrets.
Vladz0r- Check out my gallery (SPOILER FILLED!) Also, Kyousuke is love.
Blubberflub: Goodbye, muh bros.
TheBlackTac: There’s so much feels in this episode (Yes. It’s worth watching this show. ❤ ), but let’s not forget about one of its best scenes.

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9 Responses to Little Busters! ~Refrain~ – 11

  1. olhybrius says:

    Arigatou na, minna. Just rewatched the episode with your subs and tears still showed up (I have it hard not to let them flow). See you next week !

  2. julyan04 says:

    As usual, your releases are supreme. Thanks.
    And it’s finally time to bring out the freakin’ Saitou people~

  3. blubflub22 says:

    It’s coming out tonight people, SORRY FOR THE WAIT!

  4. bdraan says:

    hi, guys.
    can you give me script this episode, including the song (faraway)?

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