Little Busters! ~Refrain~ – 12

Ep 12
“What will you wish for?”

Two weeks of tears in a row, it’s quite hard to sub under these conditions. Just one more week to go after this, we can’t wait for the conclusion. We’ll probably post about our future plans in the upcoming week with more details since we’ve been asked many times about our future plans. We hope you enjoyed this release, and we’ll see you all next week.

shcboomer: Just like Rin, I feel like I need a hug after this episode.
Naoki-Saten: “Actually, I was supposed to disappear even earlier. I’m still here because I’m being selfish… So it’s a bad thing that I’m here.”
Vladz0r: Kurugaya is love.
TheBlackTac: Sayonara, Komari… x__x

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6 Responses to Little Busters! ~Refrain~ – 12

  1. Radwan says:

    Thank you for the release!
    looking forward for next week.

    Little busters are forever!

  2. olhybrius says:

    Thanks a lot ! Wanna go on a field trip once the anime is finished airing ? 😀

  3. YellowFlash says:

    thanks this is awesome! great work refrain subs!

  4. maxpayne says:

    I know most of you going to hate me for this, but i don’t like little busters, I even played a good part of the game when the first eng patch was released then stoped and didn’t bother to continue. for me i am the clannad type. what i’ve seen from little busters so far doesn’t even scratch the surface of clannad, the characters a way less interesting, very child-esh (yeah i know that is a trade mark in “key” productions, but little busters has it so much to the point it’s just absurd) the comedy and the drama parts are much less, the common route is quite boring :/ and most of the twists feel too much twisted to me that the drama element just passes without me noticing … anyway i said so far but “so far” as in “until this episode” … i mean (and i must make it clear) i still prefer clannad any time of the day, but this episode in particular changed my mind about little busters and made me think, okay maybe there is something worthwhile after all. especially the bus scene, that was so nerve wrecking and tear jerking i had to replay it over and over … maybe more than 20 times. and also for the first time since i started my little busters experience i felt that there is more to rin than meets the eye … that she is more than a-stupid-definitly-not-a-moe-heroine being led by others (was that harsh ? O_o), for the first time i saw her making a real stand for what she believes and what she she want, and boy it WAS good! sorry for talking a lot but i really wanted to share my thoughts with you guys and thank you for all the efforts you put in this show.

  5. Naoki-Saten says:

    Thank you for sharing your opinion in such a civilized and orderly manner. We’re glad you’ve taken a liking to the series and we hope you’re looking forward to the last episode ^^

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