Picking up Wake Up, Girls!


Why? Because we can. All for Vladz0r! ❤

626416 635691 622699
639751 637946 634778 632163 621901

Happy New Years! Yes, this was probably just a joke.

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7 Responses to Picking up Wake Up, Girls!

  1. TheBlackTac says:

    Yay yay yay ~ \o/

  2. Kou says:

    Love the character designs

  3. troy says:

    hahahahaha, so you guys finally decided to become a full fledged subbers. :3

  4. Tripplenipple says:

    So are you actually going to sub this?

  5. watanabe says:

    It’d be awesome if you did sub this. Seems to be only shit subs for it at the moment.

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