Little Busters EX & BD Updates Redux

Man this picture is just too cute. Look at all the Little Busters! ❤

I just wanted to drop by again with some news for those seeking some updates from us. First off, we would like to reiterate that Little Busters! EX is currently our highest priority. We have seen some of the raws lying around and we are using those as a base for our translation, typesetting, and everything else that goes into our release. We expect to have proper raws that we can encode next week. Expect our full release of Little Busters! EX as soon as we get the BDMV raws to encode.

Next on the agenda is the BD batch, we plan to release these volume by volume and have one final batch containing all the volumes. We don’t expect a full batch release that requires any major script changes. If that does occur we will have patches for them since our BD release will be fully softsubbed.

Lastly, we are also working on having a dedicated site off of WordPress and also some dedicated webspace for direct download since our last host cut us off in that regard.

Anyway, we hope you’ve been enjoying our releases and we hope to have our latest episode of Little Busters! EX and Little Busters! ~Refrain~ BD volumes out soon.

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9 Responses to Little Busters EX & BD Updates Redux

  1. Kou says:

    “BD release will be fully softsubbed”. I assume that FULLY means karaoke as well? 🙂 Would be awesome to have that softsubbed for screen shot purposes <3. Cant wait! You guys really surprise me at how high quality you are for a new group.

  2. TheBlackTac says:

    Gave it a like! Heck yeah! ❤ (First comment posted! Okay, Tac is officially a f@g. Loljk)

    > First comment posted!

    Nevermind… :<

  3. Riki says:

    Yay ! I’m looking forward guys !

  4. TouMAN says:

    Godspeed noble translators.

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