Little Busters! EX – 02


Here is our second release of Little Busters! EX. Episode 2 is filled with a lot of Saya goodness. Are you ready for the tsundere routine that is littered throughout this episode? Anyway, we’re working on speeding up the process of our releases. On the bright side, we have some time until the next episode is released. Also special thanks to CXu who helped us acquire the raws. We’re also currently working on Little Busters! ~Refrain~ Vol. 1 & 2 BDs. We hope you’ll enjoy this release, and we look forward to giving more updates soon.

shcboomer: Rin is back! Such Saya x Riki.
Blubberflub: Oppai Boom Pt. 2.
Naoki-Saten: Newest fad: Romcom with reversed roles. Riki is the most frail and feminine of them all ^^
Tac: Hasta la vista, baby!
Solaristics: Saya best girl!

Special thanks to Solaristics for giving us a hand in QCing this episode.

1080p release since we have BD sources. Enjoy! The karaoke is also softsubbed for this episode. In addition, we used the no credit OP and ED for this release.

1080p (10-bit) Torrent Download: Torrent
1080p (10-bit) Mega Download: Mega
1080p (10-bit) Direct Download: Direct (Coming Soon)

720p (10-bit) Torrent Download: Torrent
720p (10-bit) Mega Download: Mega
720p (10-bit) Direct Download: Direct (Coming Soon)

480p Torrent Download: Torrent
480p Mega Download: Mega
480p Direct Download: Direct (Coming Soon)

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21 Responses to Little Busters! EX – 02

  1. Masami says:

    i just died from Saya moeness

  2. sandoe41 says:

    One error at 01:08 in the OP, “The of us two were lonely”, should be “The two of us were lonely”. This is in the 720p release, don’t know about the 1080p release.

  3. Lukas~ says:

    Thanks for ur job.
    Please, can you up the bdmv somewhere? 😦

  4. Plantz says:

    Yay, finally! Thanks guys.

  5. anonymous says:

    wait wait let me prepare.. fuu fuu.. haa ha.. alright, COME! … ..half hour later, *died from saya cuteness explosion*

  6. unanymous says:

    Third-world quality when?

  7. JD_ says:

    now this episode made me want to play saya’s route. too bad its not available yet

  8. REN says:

    I’m not trying to badmouth you guys or anything, but the font for the OP english lyrics is too small. You guys should increase the size a bit for the next release, It’s barely readable. Everything else is perfect. Thanks for the awesome release.

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