Upcoming Plans & Updates – Spring 2014

Such Saya ❤

We are still recruiting TLs!

 At first, I was leaning towards appending this post onto our Little Busters! EX episode 3 release. The problem I quickly ran into was the sheer length of this update. This update alone was longer than our whole release post, so that’s why we have a separate post for this now.

First things first, let’s review our goals and stretch goals from our last update.

  • Little Busters! ~Refrain~ Batch (Batch fixes after season ends.)
    Well, this one didn’t work out as well as we would have hoped it would. We have our batch scripts basically ready, but at this point we are working more on the BDs.
  • Little Busters! ~Refrain~ BDs (As they come out.)
    We have most of the BDs on hand when it comes to raws. We’re also applying the batch scripts to them with any other QC fixes. The first volume should be out in the upcoming weeks.
  • Little Busters! EX (As they come out. Similar to our OVA release.)
    This is the thing we’ve been most successful with. Today, we managed to release Little Busters! EX 03.
  • Website Move (WordPress is limiting, and having a dedicated WordPress site will give us more freedom.)
    Something we’re still working on. At the very least we have the domain: http://refrainsubs.com/
    There is also the issue of not having our direct downloads up right now, we still have not found a decent host that I can afford.

Stretch goals:

  • Sub a show in the upcoming season (We’re up for taking some suggestions here.)
    We never did find a show we really wanted to work on. Our team was quite busy with things outside of fansubbing as well.
  • Translate the game included with the first Little Busters! ~Refrain~ BD volume
    Honestly, we never did get a copy of the game to begin with, so this was definitely a stretch goal. (Edit: Actually, we do. No clue how to work with it though.)

All in all, we can’t say we’re too pleased with our result in terms of our main goals. The one bright sign here is that we have been getting Little Busters! EX done and have gotten work onto the BDs. The batch release at this point may be effectively dropped in favor of the BD releases. When it comes to the website, that is something we’re still working on, but lack of time and funds for a full on website and web server is still a hurdle we need to get through.

Now onto some lighter things. First off, I would like to thank our staff for being with us through thick and thin. We’ve had some more interesting releases, and longer turnover times for getting decent raws this season. I’m glad to see that we have retained our staff, and also added Solaristics into our fold as well.

Secondly, I would like to thank all our viewers, we really wouldn’t be where we are without you guys. We love what we do, and we’re glad that you guys enjoy it as well. I won’t lie, I personally still can’t believe that I’m fansubbing, even being two seasons into this.


With our last season out of the way, we can start talking about our plans for Spring 2014. Talking with our staff, we’ve come to a decision close to last season. We’ll be on the lookout for shows we may want to do and go from there when it comes weekly anime. As we stated previously, we’ll continue on with Little Busters! EX and the Little Busters! ~Refrain~ BDs. Lastly, one announcement we’ve already made on Twitter is the Ano Hana movie. It’s already TLed, we’re just waiting on encoding, TS, and QC. We’ll also continue on with finding a new webspace and hopefully a host for us to work with.

To summarize, our current plans for Spring 2014 is:

  • Little Busters! EX (As they are released)
  • Little Busters! ~Refrain~ BDs (Vol. 1 should be out very soon)
  • Ano Hana Movie (Should be out in a week or two)
  • Website Move

Our stretch goals:

  • Sub a show this season (We’re up for taking some suggestions here.)

We’re also still looking for more translators, this is probably one of the resources we could really use right now. Currently, we have two main TLs, but when and if one is ever away for a release, we could be in trouble. The easiest way to apply is to either comment below, or to join us on IRC @ #refrainsubs@irc.rizon.net.

Finally, there are just a few things I would like to clarify since I keep getting questions about the following issues.

  • Will you be TLing the Angel Beats VN?
    This would be a major project and I have no current plans to even attempt it. Not to mention, the VN seems to be delayed indefinitely right now.
  • Do you know if anyone will be TLing the Angel Beats VN?
    I don’t know of anyone or any group that has plans to TL the Angel Beats VN. If I do, I’ll be sure to Tweet about it or post a comment on here.


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15 Responses to Upcoming Plans & Updates – Spring 2014

  1. Kou says:

    I’m sure someone will translate the Angel Beats VN…someday. LBs took…4-5 years for translation that was usable? Rewrite took a little over a year and a half I think. So depending on how dedicated someone is to doing Angel Beats VN, people should expect to wait 1-5+ years.I’ll just forget about it until someone tells me it’s done lol

    • Solaristics says:

      That depends on how they release it. Those were full routes included; It was supposed to be like 3 or something routes per a release.

  2. gar says:

    Ano Hana Movie!!!

  3. Sabrac says:

    What about subbing mahouka? that show looks very promising!
    Anyway, good job till here, your subs are really professional in my opininion 🙂

  4. Dan says:

    Thanks for the hard work guys!
    There are some new shows that seem promising, though you would have to
    see which are not picked up by the regular crews.

  5. theskylion says:

    No one seems to be doing a fansub for Black Bullet. Any takers?

  6. RCW says:

    Hello! I’d like to join your sub-group. You can contact me through the following E-mail: umnknnkkrn@gmail.com.

  7. RCW says:

    lol jk fk you

  8. Kirashi says:

    I wanted to know how is Kourin no machi project is going? Is it dead?

  9. TheUberAsian says:

    How’s the Ano Hana Movie going? Is it close to being released?

    • Naoki-Saten says:

      The editing is about 75% done and the encoding of the 1080p version is still in process.
      However, we can’t name a definite release date.

  10. biteme says:

    Looking forward for Ano Hana movie! Hope it will be out soon! Thank you for doing it!

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