New Site – *Site Moved!*


Site Moved to:

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4 Responses to New Site – *Site Moved!*

  1. rokudaimehokage says:

    Your new site is down. I hope you can look into it. Please don’t die on us!

  2. Your new site is down…again…Maybe you should just officially close down the group, honestly. It’s been a year and a half since you released anything at all, and you’ve only made one or two posts on the site since then, and each time you come back and say that you’re going to revive/come back, you then fall silent again and disappear for months and months immediately after…You don’t need to work on fansubbing if you don’t want to, or don’t have time for it anymore. But in that case you should just say so. I’ve been waiting all this time for that v2 of the Angel beats OVA that you guys announced you would be doing, but this is getting kind of pointless…

  3. tfw says:

    Been following this group for a long ass time. Glad I downloaded all of your work because it is exceptional. Please let us know what your decision is in regards to continuing fansubbing or not. The group at least needs some closure, instead of dying off silently. Miss you guys.

    Little Busters for fuckin life.

  4. Please come back Refrain Subs…

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