Welcome to Refrain Subs. We are a group of dedicated Little Busters! fans that got together and decided to sub the second season. Mainly, our subs will stay true to the visual novel translations so VN veterans won’t have to worry about the translations. As for anime-exclusive viewers, we can assure you that each individual release will be treated with care and quality in mind. Enjoy!


As stated above, our goal is to stay as close to the VN as possible. This is especially important to us as a fan translation group for VNs. Our joint group came about due to some discussion about Little Busters!: Refrain and possibly fansubbing it due to the lack of fansubs this season. We thought this was a good idea and decided to join in on this joint effort.

Lavender Translations

You can also contact us using our
Twitter: http://twitter.com/RefrainSubs
IRC Channel: #refrainsubs@irc.rizon.net

Joint project between Lavender Translations and Blubbersubs

shcboomer: Just saying, Rin is best girl!


11 Responses to About

  1. naokisaten says:

    It’s good to be on the team ^^

  2. TheBlackTac says:

    Awesome work, guys! ❤ By the way, I was wondering if I could cooperate with your team? I figured that it would be also nice if you could add a 10-bit version of your Little Busters! Refrain releases, and I am willing to encode them in 10-bit. I've been encoding for a year already, so I surely have some experiences. [: Just message me back if your team still has an open space for me to be in ~ ^^ It would be a big pleasure to work with you guys!

  3. Jayvon says:

    Do you guys plan on subbing anything else?

  4. Kirashi says:

    Ughh? Kurugaya and Saya are best characters!

    Keep going guys you’re great ^^

  5. Refrain says:

    Do you plan on subbing episode 8 come on guys !!

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