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New Site – *Site Moved!*

Site Moved to: Advertisements

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Recent Content Removal

Such LB girls! I just wanted to make a post to point out that 3 of our previous posts have currently been removed/hidden due to a DMCA request I just received this morning. However, we do not actually host any … Continue reading

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Upcoming Plans & Updates – Spring 2014

Such Saya ❤ We are still recruiting TLs!  At first, I was leaning towards appending this post onto our Little Busters! EX episode 3 release. The problem I quickly ran into was the sheer length of this update. This update … Continue reading

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Little Busters! EX – 03

Riki x Saya shipped. Took us just a bit longer than expected to push this release out. A few of our staff members decided to bow out of EX 03 and EX 04 since they wanted to read the VN … Continue reading

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Little Busters! EX – 02

Saya2cute4me Here is our second release of Little Busters! EX. Episode 2 is filled with a lot of Saya goodness. Are you ready for the tsundere routine that is littered throughout this episode? Anyway, we’re working on speeding up the … Continue reading

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Little Busters EX & BD Updates Redux

Man this picture is just too cute. Look at all the Little Busters! ❤ I just wanted to drop by again with some news for those seeking some updates from us. First off, we would like to reiterate that Little … Continue reading

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Little Busters! EX – 01

‘Dere’ Saya best girl in EX! It took us quite a while to get this release out. We had to wait for a long time to get a proper source, much longer than we would have liked. We’re still looking … Continue reading

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