What are your plans for the Winter 2013 season?

Check out our post Upcoming Plans – Winter 2013 for our future plans in the Winter 2013 season and beyond.

Are you guys recruiting?

Yes we are, currently we are looking for translators. If you want to give fansubbing a shot, just leave a comment on our site and we’ll contact you.

What time do you guys usually release each episode?

We try to get out our releases as soon as possible of course. Our goal is to have it out before 5:00PM PST on the day of release. We usually get our raws at around 7:00AM PST, so we try to get it out within 10-12 hours at the latest. If you want the latest news either follow us on Twitter @RefrainSubs or join us on IRC at #refrainsubs@irc.rizon.net.

What do you mean by “sticking close to the VN”?

When we say we try to stick with the VN translation, we mean for specific terms and jokes. It just makes the terms more consistent and also makes the jokes easier to understand in the long run. This does not mean that we do not translate our own lines, we only take terms that we deem necessary and use them as we see fit. (No, the VN TL was not perfect. We do not worship the VN as the perfect translation. However, we do find some of the terms from the VN “memorable” and have therefore chosen to use those certain terms)

Are you guys from UTW/Mazui?

No, we are not. You can check out more about us on the About page.

Are you guys just a CR edit?

Although our scripts may be similar at times, we can assure you that we use our very own translations.

How do you guys sub each episode?

This is a very general question, we have two translators that translate the two parts of each episode. Then we have them check over the other part as well. After that we pass the two scripts off to our editors and have them fix up the both of them. Then the whole script is combined and retimed by our timer. Lastly, we do a final QC, mux the files, and then release.

Do you plan to sub Little Busters! EX?

Yes, we will be subbing Little Busters! EX. We will start subbing as soon as we obtain raws for them from the BD volumes.

Will you be doing a batch release at some point?

We are now working on the batch release, various fixes need to be made. We will also softsub the OP/ED/Inserts in our 720p version of our batch release.

Do you plan to sub the BDs as well?

Yes, if we can afford to get the full set of BDs we will probably do so. (We’d rather have our own copy vs. common raws.) If you are wondering if we will hardsub or softsub the OP/ED for the BD release, we will be softsubbing as we did for the Little Busters! OVA.

Can we use your subtitles for our encodes, site, translation to another language, etc?

Sure, all we ask is just for a small note in your credits if you do.

Why are there no subs with your release?

We mux our files into an MKV container, you probably don’t have the right decoders. Give CCCP or KCP a try, it should be your best bet.

Why do you hardsub your OPs, EDs, and Inserts?

We hardsub them because the karaoke effects could be heavy for some old computers. In addition, not every computer will be able to display the kanji either.

Can you translate the EX/ME/PE edition routes of the Little Busters! EX/ME/PE VN as well?

We would consider it if it wasn’t already being translated by Doki.

Do you guys cry when translating/editing or just working on the episode in general?

Yes, we do get teary eyed while translating/editing. More tears will come.

Who is best girl?

Rin is best girl!
(Well at least I think so -CXu)
(I second that -shcboomer)
(>Rin) (>best anything) (-vladz0r)
(Rin Mio is best girl! -Blubberflub)
(Mio! Mio shall prevail! -Naoki-Saten)


12 Responses to FAQ

  1. Anonymous says:

    Saya is the best girl you faggots.

  2. po says:

    >Do you plan to sub the BDs as well?

    Don’t hardsub your BD release, please >_<

  3. Tr1ckR says:

    im buying the Refrain BD’s. So if you end up not getting them yourselves i can provide the rips.

  4. Natsume says:

    Well, I figured this would be the best place to ask, but would 480p encodes be possible? Some PCs (mine included, unfortunately) do not support HD and I think it would be a shame to miss out on great subs for Refrain due to this.

  5. Kyarorain says:

    If it’s possible, will you be translating the Mio murder mystery game that’s coming with the first Refrain BD? It looks pretty interesting from the information on the anime site, and Doki’s tied up with the EX/ME translation so I doubt they would get to it anytime soon…

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